Parenting Class 8 weeks
"Growing Through It" - Parenting With Nurturing & Discipline

This 8 week class gives Parents/Caregivers an opportunity to explore "Growing Through It" principles in detail, which uses components of the Nurturing Parenting Program. There are Class discussions Role Plays, Videos, Handouts and Activities time to practice skill, interventions, and provides opportunities to seek guidance from group facilitator over the 8 week class.  This class also offers parenting support and resources throughout the class and addressed required topics/areas in Parenting Education. This class is 35.00 a person, per class (Total = $280.00). You must attend all classes to receive a certificate. 

  1. Identify current Parenting Style and affects when used with your child

  2. Understanding Child development, emphasizing adolescents and how it affects children’s behaviors

  3. Learn effective parenting strategies for problematic behaviors and healthy ways to discipline your child

  4. Understand effects of certain parenting styles on your child/teen’s growth and development

  5. Develop healthy ways to manage Parental stress and be well prepared for Parental frustrations with your child

To register for this class simply click the "Book a Session link", please send the "Class name, and your full name, contact information, phone number and email, you will be provided with an invoice that must be paid prior to the first day of class. Discounts are provided for those that pay for all the class prior to the first day of class. These Classes are Saturday's times to be determined, next class date is Saturday October 27th, you must register by Monday October 22nd by 5:00pm. 

These services are provided by Licensed Clinicians and support families in matters related to Parenting styles, Discipline, and/or Child Protective Services. Affinity strongly recommends that families seeking these services related to CPS referrals, get Pre-approval from County CPS SW, prior to participating in therapy, classes or groups to ensure they meet case plan requirements.  Affinity utilizes assessments tools from the Nurturing Parenting Program, in addition to other assessment tools to assessment progress for this class. 

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