Community Events


Affinity Community Counseling Inc, will provide group therapy to our community Healers; such as Therapist, Educators, Firefighters, Police, Emergency response personnel and to families in the area. We are also offering a grief/loss group for adolescents through our partnership with Togetherweheal. Your purchases during our TNT Fireworks fundraiser will directly go to costs for these groups, that will begin in August 2019.


A2C Community BBQ and Fundraiser Kick Off!!

Expressive Arts Groups for Youth

 July 2019



Expressive Arts Workshop for Adolescents, 11-15 years old. This Free Workshop is  based on the Expressive arts therapy using Hip Hop and Poetry. This brief workshops, allows youth to use this form of self expression allows to build social skills, improve communication, develop self-expression, and improve artistry skills within the field of expressive arts.


This workshop is 2 hours, the next scheduled Workshop is scheduled for July 2019, days/time to be determined. Workshops are FREE to the first 15 participants the workshops 

Workshop dates- TBD

OUR LYRICS Youth Poetry Workshop Starting in August 2019

OUR LYRICS teaches poetry writing, spoken word poems, and encourages both youth and parent involvement. We also recommended  community outings and opportunities to help youth develop healthy self-expression. This workshop is 2 hours, the next scheduled Workshop is scheduled for August 2019 Session cost is FREE to the first 10 participants the workshops 

Workshop dates- TBD 

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