Affinity means “inherent likeness or agreement; connection of; or relating to persons who share the same interests”. Working with a therapist requires a level of trust and rapport that isn’t always easily established. Our therapists are richly diverse and have lived experiences that make them relatable, compassionate and non-judgmental in the services we provide.


AFFINITY Community Counseling, Inc. affirms and accepts life as a journey. AFFINITY is forthright in its approach to all types of therapy services offered. We acknowledge the value and importance of family and support systems and believe in using a nurturing approach to help our clients understand their role in their family or support systems and how to make positive changes. Our agency strongly believes in providing services that support clients with making informed decisions and our therapists commit to using an empowering, strength-based approach when working with you.

We are currently located within the Rose Family Empowerment Center.
Address:  7000 Franklin Blvd, Suite 1000, Sacramento, CA 95823
Phone: pending
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